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Rights First



The Rights First project is part of the European programme for employment and social innovation "EaSI" 2014-2021, financed directly by the European Commission. The Joint Community Commission of the Brussels-Capital Region Government is also making a financial contribution. The Rights First project offers the opportunity to reconsider ongoing process of coaching vulnerable people as well as policies to facilitate access to social rights. Innovation being the key word of this project, it suggests new partnerships and new ways to ease integration policies within an post ante and ex post evaluation over the course of 30 months (from January 1st, 2022 to June 30th, 2024).


The Rights First project is coordinated by Bruss’help. It brings together several actors in the field (DIOGENES, Hobo, L'Ilot and the New Samusocial) who will work in particular with the Federation of CPAS or Actiris. It also benefits from the support of Crisis (United Kingdom) and St Joan de Déu Serveis Socials (Spain) who will share their experience in implementing a holistic approach.

The Rights First project is part of the European program for employment and social innovation "EaSI" 2014-2021, funded directly by the European Commission. The Common Community Commission of the government of the Brussels-Capital Region also makes a financial contribution.

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The INSULA model, a coordinated response for access to housing

June, 21th, 2022


As part of the Rights First project to facilitate access to social rights for vulnerable people, our team of partners went to Barcelona to study the partnership model developed by the Insula project.

Insula project                            

In 2018, four organisations that were working independently decided to join forces to face a common challenge: the increase in the number of homeless people in a context of rent inflation in Barcelona.


These four partners had the same goal, which is to provide joint responses to the needs of these people, particularly in the areas of accommodation and employment. This is how the Insula project was born: an innovative project since, for the first time, non-profit organisations working for the homeless are joining forces to form a residential care network.

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Kick Off of the Rights First Project

March, 11th, 2022


Bruss'help and its partners marked the occasion with a kick-off conference on the Rights First Project.

Rights First calls for stepping out of our comfort zone and for revealing good practice to build rights supports that enable vulnerable people to start a new life. The focus is on guaranteeing a minimum income, housing and employment so that people can have a decent life and regain their dignity. Here is a summary of the main points.

The current context in Brussels confirms the need for a collective and effective dynamic through structural partnerships to enable people to get out of a spiral of eternal emergency and successive temporary solutions. The cooperation agreement between the Regions on homelessness (12-05-2014) advocates the search for new effective solutions and the exchange of good practices.

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